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MMM-Idea of the Project

  The Project “MMM - More Meaningful Math” aims to motivate students for mathematics by working on problems that show the importance of mathematics in real life and are related to other subjects.

  We are looking for learning arrangements in which students can explore, invent or learn mathematics as active, creative learners with hands-on material (experiments),  by using ICT  and/or maths software e.g. for simulations. These arrangements – often cross-curricular – will be drafted by teachers but also planned by students (collaborating via TS) , tried out in classes and then evaluated by partner students (and teachers).

  We mainly address to students at the age of 14 to 17. Each meeting has a real life topic e.g. architecture, games of chance, flowers, water ... We will take 5-6 students of each country to each of the five planned meetings. They will work in international teams related to the topic prepared before. They will participate in “super-lessons” planned by Comenius teachers. Students will attend normal math lessons in the hosting school as well. In between the meetings international teams of students work on motivating activities that they, later may also "teach" or try out in their own or younger classes. All students' activities will improve their language skills since we will focus on CLIL methodology, as well as key competences.

  Teachers will benefit of the project, too by exchanging teaching methods that are highly cooperative, offering students own ways of learning. That broadens teachers' practice and raises the effectiveness of teaching. All participants will get to know a lot about different European cultures.